//ip cameras up to our server jpg images that include the time and date of creación.Con this part of the script and programming it with cron -job got every "x " time jpg files that are saved in the folder you select, you coga the most current and change the name . and thus we obtain a URL set for the most current image of the IP camera. array(0) { } // in this part we insert the watermark to the image that we have renamed the previous script. in this case we use the watermark for the protection of the privacy of neighbors, we must have a png ( our watermark ) file in this script takes measurements image jpg and image png to locate in the image final.Este script ends with an image with the original name in the same folder , but would have added the watermark . If you run at the same time the previous 2 scripts always would see the image with the watermark . // On the need to maintain privacy when placing the camera ip I had to crop the image from the left side, thus altering the size of it . This part of the script makes this cut ; at this time the file we generate what we save to another folder, this is because if there is a fault in the cron -jobs the script could continually crop a .To already cropped image avoid this we must now save the image to another folder. //Now will save a image with English Watermark //Now we take the values of the files that we have updated above, I copied all . //We assign a text value to the data of the trend of pressure(Spanish& English) Sin datos No Data